Why My Bible Is My Biggest Asset -Tyson Fury

Two-time world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury has revealed that he treasured the Holy Bible more than any other assets in the world.

Fury will defend both his heavyweight and lineal championships against Wilder on October 9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

When asked about the item he treasures most in the world, Fury said: ‘My bible, my uncle got it for me 14 years ago.

‘I’m not going to lie and say I read it every day because I don’t but it is always there in my bedside table.’

And Fury had some pearls of wisdom when he was asked about which skill he would like to master most, initially saying he used to want to control time but now would simply have the ability to be happy.

‘I’m happy to just let God control time. I just want to be happy, it sounds simple but is the hardest thing to ever find.

‘Even in my happiest moments, I struggle finding that happy, happy place but all I ever want to be is to be happy.”

Sports Staff

Posted Sep 13th, 2021


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