This education thing sef!

This education thing sef!

I balanced and started answering the questions, the thing was just flowing.. On a wavy level!!, Issac Newton!. I was composing my valedictorian speech in my head already.

Brethren, I rejoiced too soon.

I got to number 11 and the test started looking like Chinese. It didn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen in my life. I was wondering, am I supposed to answer this part too?.

After 20 minutes, I was still answering one question. Am I not dull like this.

The Oloshi sitting beside me was now trying to copy from me, ? the mumu boy thought I knew what I was writing. Copying my nonsense.

After I submitted, I was consoling myself that I answered the first part well, until I found out that it was worth only 5 marks!!. oh lord why!

While I was licking my wounds, one oloriburuku came and started telling me how he knew all the answers, and how it’s paining him that he couldn’t finish and get all the marks. I was just looking at him like. keep talking and see if I don’t flog you.

At the end of the day, I accepted that what is written cannot be unwritten. So I carried myself home and bought Akara and bread to console myself. I can’t come and go and kill myself.

PS: my bro made this really cool site, it has a section for my blog. Y’all should check it out! And download the app too.

PPS: My positive message for today is, READ YOUR BOOKS KIDS!!.

XOXO Aderonke.

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