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These Streets 21 Sept 2021: Asmita saves Paro. Nevi says how could you be so careless. Paro says something was there. Pro says after all this you saved me. Thank you. Asmita says we are all humans. She says thank you Asmita.

Shan says in heart I don’t know how to thank you. Nevi says I know how a small mistake can become a trouble for life. Asmita says we have to be very careful in pregnancy.

Bua ji enters the house. She says who is pregnant. Nevi says Paro is pregnant. Bua is dazed. bua says you were too quick paro? I asked you the time isn’t good. Paro says the child is Shan’s too.

Bua says if he couldn’t control you could stop him. This is a dark time. Bua says who knew she would be so fast with kids too. Beauty comes in and says what are you saying to my paro.

Bua says what is she doing here? Nevi says she is paro’s mausi. Nevi says Paro was about to fall. Asmita saved her. Beauty says do a shanti havan for paro.

Bua comes to Shan and says you are so unfair. How could you do this? I am ashamed. He says God took puchki from me. He gets a call and says I am coming. Shan leaves. Bua wonders what is happening.

Shan leaves, Sha comes running to a house. A woman is there. Shan says you called me here. It’s chanda. He is holding a dia in her hand. Sha n says why are you like this why no sindur? She says do I have right to wear sindur. Shan says what are you saying.

Canda says tell me what is truth. Is there your hand in Aru being missing. Shan is silent. Asmita aditya and khurana and hearing. Shan puts his hand on the flame and says I wont lie to you.

There is no my hand in papa being missing. Asmita smiles. Chanda hugs him. Chanda kisses his hand.Asmita says shan would never swear wrongly on his mom’s name. Khurana says we trust you asmita. Adiya says probably Nevi is plotting to trap shan in all this.

Asmita says yes and we have to save shan from it and expose nevi..The pooja starts.. Paro feels like vomiting. She runs. Shan brings her back. Asmta brings arti. she says paro eat this you will feel better.

Paro eats the fruits. A woman enters the house with her lawyer. She says my name is vani kapoor. I am a criminal lawyer from Mumbai. I am here to solve Shan’s case. Everyone is dazed.

Shan is looking for something in the kitchen. Asmita gives it to him. He says I don’t know how to thank you to save that child. That baby isn’t responsible for anything.

He is innocent. Asmita says for that innocent kid I can even let my love go. He is your baby. He has right on your love. We will all give him love. He is my friend’s child. They are both in tears. Asmita says we both have to promise each other to give that child love. They hug in tears.

The song hamesha tumko chaha. Asmita recalls their moments together. Asmita sits down crying.

Beauty sees Asmita giving fruits to Paro. She says why has this woman changed? What is she upto.A woman enters the house. She says my name is Manika and i am a criminal lawyer.

Ravindra says welcome. Please sit. She says I am here. Rather than wasting time we should discuss important points. NEvi says when we need one we will get a lawyer on our own. Manika says we are sent by the court. Nevi says this is our family matter and we will handle it.

Asmita says actually I called her here. Nevi says what? Nevi says why did you need to? Asmita says Shan’s case has been pending for so long.

Manika says Shan you should thank Asmita for taking your case up on right time. She says I promise you I will get you out of this case. Nevi wonders what is going on.

Nevi says to Shan can’t you see what is happening here. Asmita is getting a lawyer for her.Manika asks Shan you saw Aru at airport last time right? Why did you never return from London? asmita says tell her about the promise your mother made you do.

She says your case and your friendship is interesting. Asmita is worried for you. Manika says so this is a result of step mom’s behavior.

Shan says don’t say a word about my mom. I know she brought you here and she has a certain point of view of my mom. Manika says you wont take sides. Shan says my mama has nothing to do with this case. She says promise me you wont be biased to anyone. Shan says okay.


Posted Sep 18th, 2021


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