The Fight Between Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Onyewu Oguchi

A footballer who nearly ‘killed’ Zlatan was Onyewu Oguchi. Well, Onyewu represented USA during international competitions but his parents are from Africa. Onyewu was one of the most feared defenders during his prime days due to his big body. He once had a serious fight with Zlatan Ibrahimovic that caused Zlatan serious injuries. The incident happened back in 2010 when both Zlatan and Onyewu were teammates at Milan. The fight began immediately after Zlatan made a sliding tackle aiming at Onyewu’s legs. Zlatan missed the tackle but his intentions of hurting Onyewu were clear.

The big man turned to Zlatan and grabbed his neck. What followed was a headbutt from Zlatan and that’s how the fight began. The two big men fought as the rest of their teammates watched. According to Gattuso who was their teammate, it was not easy to separate them. The fight lasted for about five minutes before they finally separated the two of them. However, it was Zlatan who had suffered a serious injury after the fight. Zlatan suffered a broken rib and he needed medical attention. Two months later, Onyewu was loaned out to FC Twente so as to ease the tension in the training camp.

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Posted Jul 21st, 2021


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