See the Nollywood Actress that has never kissed in a Movie because of her Personal Values (Photos)

This has not stopped her growth in any way, she keeps growing and flying high. She has acted in over 50 movies and she is known to be involved in very quality movies that have depth.

She won the actress of the year in the year in the Nigerian entertainment awards, that was in the year 2015.

You may call her unprofessional for not kissing in movies, you may ask if it isn’t her job but everyone and his or her own belief and values.

Someone was telling me that she finds it strange that when it is time to fight in movies, they act it and don’t hit each other, but when it is time for romance, they go all the way, lol.

Well, for some, there are other reasons. For Ruth, she said if the script she is to take part in requires kissing, she would turn it down.

According to her, it is just one of her salient values, she is 32 years old, the actor, writer and producer was born in the year 1988 in Edo state to the family of Desmond Kadiri.

She is very learned having studied Mass Communications in the university of Lagos and business administration in the Yaba college of technology.

Some of her latest movies which have been released are The Dumb Wife,Too Old for Love and Tears of Rejected Seed.

She is married, she is now Ruth Kadiri Ezerika, her daughter is Reign Ezerika.

How would you rate her acting?


Posted Jun 16th, 2020


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