Rummenigge To Toni Kroos “We Won’t Pay You More Than €10M Per Year. You’re Not A World Class Player.”

Bayern Munich CEO Rummenigge told Toni Kroos: “We won’t pay you more than €10M per year. You’re not a world class player.”

Toni Kroos was running out of contract in 2013/14. He was offered less than €10M per year in a new deal which was lesser than Mario Gotze. Pep Guardiola did his best to keep him but couldn’t do much with the rift between board & player. He was offered to Barcelona twice by his agent which Luis Enrique rejected both times and chose Rakitic.

While Perez bought James, Toni was asked for by Ancelotti. 45,000 fans attended the presentation of James while only 8000 appeared for Kroos. Nothing but huge respect and thanks to Rummenigge and Luis Enrique for allowing his move to RealMadrid. And as his agent said, “Steal of the Century.” 7 years of the Shy German Sniper.

One of the most consistent player who won every possible trophy and was part of our success of last decade.

Respect for the German Sniper

Sports Staff

Posted Jul 21st, 2021


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