[Romance Story] Finding Solace (Episode 1)

[Romance Story] Finding Solace (Episode 1)

Episode 1 

Heart pounding, lungs on fire, my panicked breath like thunder in my ears. The cold evening air shocking my throat and lungs as I ran faster and faster. My heart beat frantically, if I slip I know my body will pay the price and if I fall I know I am doomed forever. I heard the arrow being shot, thankfully they missed. There were three of them, huge, fast, hyped up like they were on drugs and in their hands were deadly weapons that could send me straight to hell with another shot.
I have been running for the past ten minutes and now my lungs seem as if they would explode any moment. I felt like my pursuers are slowing down because it was quite dark running in the forest at night but not for me. Branches constantly attacked me, leaves crunched under my feet and big brown logs seemed to appear out of nowhere as if to try to stop me but the wound in my arm was already having its full effect on me. My eyes felt dizzy and my legs grew heavier, I was losing momentum. I stopped, hid behind a tree and looked behind me, I could see flashes of their torch as they looked for me.
In the far distance, I saw flashes of light from moving vehicles signifying I was already by the side of a road I panted slowly, trying to catch my breath, meanwhile, I was losing blood fast, I could hardly keep still; my cloth was tattered already so I tore some part out and carefully tied it around my arm. I peeped again , there was no sign of them. Maybe they have gone or maybe they were laying a trap for me. Either ways, I would not die here. I began to run slowly, pressing my other hand against the wounded one to add pressure to it. I was exhausted and my sweat was blinding me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something sharp and huge coming towards me, I tried to jump out of the way but it was too late. I screamed as the pain lanced through me, knocking me off balance. As I lay on the ground there, I saw an image of myself, ten years ago, when I was only fifteen years old, my father and my little brother were there. My vision clouded as I saw a figure rushed towards me, my family and my world faded away.

“Nick, common we need to go, do you want to stay the night here? Look, If you are not tired I am.”
I gave no reply. I was just exhausted, internally and emotionally. She finally tapped me by the arm.
“Nick! Babe, what is wrong with you? Are you okay? The doctor said she will be fine so , let us go.”
I looked at my girlfriend. It was like I was seeing her for the first time in so many years.
How can someone be this cold. It was because of her that I ran over some poor girl and now she is asking me to abandon her just like that?
“Babe” I started.”I am sorry, but I am not leaving here until that girl opens her eyes.”
She looked at me wide-eyed.
“You can’t be serious. Do you realize I have a flight to catch tomorrow? Besides, I wasn’t the one who wasn’t paying attention!”
I exhaled again as I recalled how it had happened and yes she was the cause. She kept nagging about so many thing. God! Why do women nag so much? She was complaining about one thing and then another which right now seemed not to matter as I can hardly recall any of them. I had only turned slightly to face her when I knocked someone over. I had desperately prayed for it to be a wild animal but to my dismay, it was a lady, some lady in tattered cloth and there was just too much blood. Thankfully there was an hospital near-by and we had brought her. No news from the doctor or the nurses yet. I really prayed she would survive it. This has never happened to me before, why did I let Yvonne push me to this?
“I can see you are no more listening to me. So, I will drive myself home, if you like, come with me, if not, you can take a cab with your new girlfriend tomorrow morning or any day you feel like coming home.” She then grabbed the key from me and I watched her walked out of the room. She should go, I could really make use of some quiet. Just then, a nurse came out of the E.R and I stood up.
“Excuse me, please is she awake? Will she be okay?”
“I can’t say for now sir, the doctor will be with you shortly.”
She gave me a reassuring smile and walked down the passage. I was attempting to return to my seat but the doctor came out of the E.R.
“Hello Doctor, please how is she?”
The man smiled and put his stethoscope around his neck- “Mr Nickolas, she is really lucky you brought her so soon. She suffered some injury to the brain.”
I almost shouted out loud. “So, do you know her?”
“No, I just hit her , I don’t know who she is.”
“WOW! Well, She will be fine but she might not remember some details about her life.”
“Are you saying she might experience a loss of memory?Exactly Mr. Nicholas.”
I exhaled for the third time. This is just unbelievable! What have I landed myself in?
“So, what do I do Doctor?”
“Go home sir, once she is awake, I will let you know”.
“Well, I guess I will do that. Please Doctor, take care of her for me. I just need her to be fine”.
“I understand you sir. We will try our best ,God will do the rest” “Okay, goodnight sir .” I shook the Doctor’s hand and left the hospital. On getting outside, I stopped a taxi. “Where to?” asked the driver. “Challenge Avenue.”
I replied.
“Three hundred naira .” I got in without negotiating with the man, on a normal day, I know it shouldn’t be more than hundred naira but I guess this is the price I have to pay for having a slay-queen as my girlfriend.

So how is she? I stirred, surprised she was even awake at all. I don’t know yet. I replied, without turning to face herm I was lying down while backing her. I had gotten in some minutes ago, luckily, she had packed the car rightfully. I had seen her all covered and fast asleep a or so I thought and no sooner had I joined her on the bed than she spoke. She sighed loudly and I felt her snuggled up to me, pressing her breasts firmly at my back with her left hand on my chest. Her warmth radiated throughout my body, I could tell she was naked but, I adjusted, shifting away from her. I could sense her surprise, she instead moved closer, her hand now tenderly wrapped around my neck.Baby, I am so sorry I left you behind okay. I just wanted to get home fast.
Well, you are home and like you said you have a flight tomorrow so please sleep on time. I then yanked her hand away and covered my entire body with another blanket. I sensed her disappointment but I cared less, then I felt her adjusted to her rightful place and then silence. I heaved a sigh of relief as I finally shut my eyes. Immediately, the face of the unconscious girl filled my memory. Where was she running from, she couldn’t have been a mad person could she? Her hair was all scattered and she was all soaked in her own sweat. She couldn’t have been more the twenty-four or twenty-six. Now the doctor had said she might suffer a loss of memory. I had caused that when I hit her. Am I now going to be responsible for her? God! What trouble have I landed myself into? For one, Yvonne would never hear of it and I could never tell her, at least not yet. Thankfully she would be traveling tomorrow. Enough time to help me put things in place. Enough of all these thoughts, I need to get some sleep.


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