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Poll – Vote for Your Favourite Big Brother Naija 2020 Housemate



Vote for Your Favourite Big Brother Naija 2020 Housemate

Big Brother Naija returns for what promises to be an amazing fifth season. The new Housemates are bringing you 24/7 entertainment and you can now vote for your favourite Big Brother Naija 2020 housemates using our online BBNaija voting poll.

Big Brother Naija Season 5 also known as Big Brother Naija: Lockdown is the fifth season of the Nigerian version of the reality show Big Brother. It premiered on 19 July 2020 on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29. 

BBNaija Voting Poll – Vote for Your Favourite Housemate

Big Brother Naija 2020 online poll is meant for fans all across the world to vote for their favourite housemate, this online poll helps to check for housemates with the biggest fan base. So if you noticed your favourite housemate’s vote is quite low, then you should invite your friends to vote for them.

Everything You Need To Know About Big Brother Naija 2020

Voting for your favourite housemate is quite easy, just click on their names below and your vote will be automatically recorded. After voting, the result will be displayed and you will be able to see the housemates with the highest vote (biggest fanbase)

How to Vote Multiple Times

REFRESH PAGE TO VOTE MOREYou can vote as many times as you want, all you just have to do is refresh this page or close and reopen it. Don’t forget to also invite your friends to vote let’s see the housemates with more fans

Big Brother Naija 2020 Voting Poll Result

You will see the result once you’ve voted. Don’t forget to also share and encourage others to vote for your favourite housemates.

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Poll – Vote for Your Favourite Big Brother Naija 2020 Housemate


Who’s Your Favourite Big Brother Naija 2020 Housemates?
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See who owns Big brother and how much he’s worth




See who owns Big brother and how much he’s worth

Big brother Naija (BBN) formerly known as Big brother Nigeria is a TV reality show where a group of people live together for a specified period of time and in a secret location unknown to the outside world. Originally first broadcasted in the Netherlands, Big brother is a show where a winner emerges after each housemate have been evicted one by one until the last man standing.

Currently hosted by Chukwuebuka Obi-Uchendu a native of anambra and an ex house mate, the Big brother Naija show is a franchise created by John de Mol of Endemol.

Johannes Hendrikus Hubert “John” de Mol jr born on the 24th of April 1955 is a Dutch media tycoon television producer and owns production companies Endemol and Takes. He is known for creating the Dutch versions of Big brother and being the voice behind it. He is a businessman, corporate director, film and television producer and is currently worth and is currently worth 1.9 billion US dollars.

Since the show first began in 2006 and restarted in 2017, there have been 4 seasons and four winners. The following are the winners and their prize won:

  1. Katung Aduwak (2006) – N 60 million

  2. Michael Efe Ejeba (2017) – N25 million

  3. Miracle Igbokwe (2018) – N45 million

  4. Mercy Eke (2019) – N60 million.

The current season of Big brother Naija titled “Lockdown” is ongoing and we are waiting and watching to see the winner. With huge sponsors such as Beltway, Oppo, Guinness and Multichoice, the current winner is expected to go home with 85 million Naira

What’s your view. Who do you think should win. Don’t forget to like and share. Also follow us and comment for more news on Big brother Naija.

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BigBrotherNaija2020: Dorathy tells Laycon that he is going to regret it if he stays away from Erica.




As the season 5 of big brother Nigeria show continue, a lot of activities is going on and it keeps getting more interesting. The love cycle around the house is also something to talk about as several relationship are going on among the housemate. However, laycon who seems close with Erica yesterday tells Erica that he feels uneasy anytime he sees erica with kidwaya who seems to be in an entanglement with Erica. The 26-year-old graduate of looks like he is so much in love with Erica and cannot hide it anymore, he however told Dorathy that he will stop talking to erica as he cannot handle seeing her with kiddwaya anymore, he said he knows Erica will be happy with him (laycon). Laycon who is pissed off because Erica couldn’t read her feelings for her.

however Dorathy has advised laycon not to stop talking to erica because he will end up pushing her to someone else. She said laycon should let go of whatever feelings he had for Erica and move on with their friendship because he will end up hurting himself. Dorathy said friendship is more important than relationship.

“Laycon: I told her I don’t want to talk to her for a while

Dorathy: No, don’t do that because it is risky you will still be here and you are pushing her to someone else will you be happy?

Laycon: she will be happy

Dorathy: you can control your feelings and be her friend rather than not talking her if you push her away you will regret it and you will feel it

Friendship is more value than relationship. I thought you guys were joking

Laycon: she said she is attracted to me mentally and intellectually but with kiddy it is physical. I think the way he grew up, the society, i will be with her and he will start kissing her and I will feel like what’s that

Dorathy: she said what

Laycon: reason I will stay away from them, she is moody but they will be fine.

Dorathy: just be her friend it is not always the attraction because you will get tired one day

Laycon: is that for kiddy

Dorathy: yes

Dorathy: Just be playing. You can reduce the husband and wife whatever but don’t stay away because you will hurt yourself”

Do you think laycon should fight for Erica’s love or he should let go of his feelings and continue the friendship or even move away from her?

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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Erica; BBNaija 2020 Housemate




Apparently, all the housemates in the Big Brother Naija house had lives before moving into the house and while we have access to these housemates live 24/7, there are certain things that we still don’t know about them from watching Tv.

We’ve done some digging from the archives and here are 12 things you probably didn’t know about Erica Big Brother Naija 2020 Housemate

1. About Erica Big Brother Naija 2020 Housemate

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Erica; BBNaija 2020 Housemate

Ngozi “Erica” Nlewedim is a 26-year-old London, England actress and business model. She is one of the housemates in Africa’s biggest reality TV series Big Brother Naija’s Lockdown season 5 2020 edition. Erica is the name she goes by and after studying film acting at London’s Met Film School, she returned to Lagos.

2. Her name is special to her

Erica shared a statement to Instagram about her name and why it’s special to her. She said:

My dad’s name is Eric Nlewedim. He calls me junior cos I’m named after him – Erica Nlewedim, my full name is Erica Ngozi Ugomma Blessing Nlewedim

3. She has a solid Educational Background

She began her secondary education at Victory Grammar School in Lagos and graduated from Command Secondary School in Ikeja, Lagos, for 6 years.

She then obtained a BSc in Business Administration from Covenant University before moving to London’s Met Film School to study acting for screen later.

4. She is an only child

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Erica; BBNaija 2020 Housemate

Erica was born in Lagos State to parents Oby Nwokolo and Christian Eric Nlewedim. Erica is the only child of her parents. Though originally from Abia State, Erica was raised by her mother in Lagos State.

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5. She was in a hit Nollywood movie.

Have you seen the movie, or heard of it, Hire a Woman? You did of course. But, did you know Erica was acting in this film? Ultimately she did!

She had played Nifemi’s character in the movie. Have you seen her? Maybe go and watch the film again and then you’ll see it. It’s out on Netflix.

6. She won Miss Photogenic at MBGN 2014.

12 Things You Didn't Know About Erica; BBNaija 2020 Housemate

Perhaps you don’t know this, but Erica knew she was looking fine. In reality, she is so confident in her looks that she contested in Nigeria Pageant’s Most Beautiful Girl in 2014. She did win Miss Photogenic, but she did not take the overall crown off!

7. She has a foundation.

Erica is a giving back child. She founded the Erica Nlewedim Foundation in 2018, a foundation that fed 1000 people during Christmas holidays at one time.

8. She’s a Model.

If Erica says she’s a model she ‘s clearly saying it for bants. Yes, Erica is a paradigm of ACTUAL WORKING.

She has been posing for companies including Nature’s Gentle Touch, Zaron Cosmetics, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Hollandia, Globacom, Jumia, Stanbic IBTC, Etisalat and Peak Milk, among others.

9. Her dream is to play a lead role in an action movie.

12 Things You Didn't Know About Erica; BBNaija 2020 Housemate

When asked what her dream is, Erica said in an interview with The Guardian magazine:

”My dream role would be to be the main character in an action film. I have always loved female action stars like Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron and dreamed of acting like them. I’m currently training myself to be ready whenever that role presents itself

10. She has a hair company

Erica is also an entrepreneur. She owns Beluxia Beauty, a beauty company of which she is the CEO.

11. She worked in an oil company

Yup!-Yup! Erica worked for MEI Oil and Gas as a marketing manager before moving into the Big Brother house.

12. She won’t act nude.

Squash your dreams now for any casting directors or people fantasizing out there. Erica revealed that she would NOT perform nude in her personal profile for, a website for creatives to upload their profiles and find jobs.
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