Photographer made to modify her dress for a church wedding

When it comes to religious organizations, there are churches who are known to be way less conservative than other church organizations as they encourage freedom of expression in terms of dress code.

However, there are churches where a great deal of modesty is required and a Nigerian female photographer, recently had her own fair share of the experience when she attended a church, Mountain of Fire Ministries, to cover an event.

Dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and body-hugging turtle neck top with her hair exposed, she didn’t expect it to be a problem, not until she got there and was made to revamp her fashion choices.

Not only was her hair wrapped in Polythene bags, she was made to covered her trousers with a wrapper.

She shared the photos on her Twitter account and wrote:

“Story: I went to nmudene for this wedding gig. And when I prepared to leave Benin for it, I didn’t really consider the church. So I dressed for it and those people weren’t having it, so they clothe me.”

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Posted Jan 12th, 2020


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