Peju Johnson: Sugar Daddies, Reason Some Girls Can’t Settle Down

Since the news of the UNILAG girl named Chidinma who allegedly murdered her supposed sugar daddy, CEO of Super TV broke and took centre stage of discussions, the issue of sugar daddies keeping side chicks has come alive with varying views and interpretations.

According to Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson, sugar daddies are the reason most single girls are finding it difficult to settle down and marry.

“Let me say, sugar daddies have helped a lot of ladies to live a better life, changing their lives for better and at the same time, spoiling many of them. They change the orientation of many girls about life; helping them to fund their lifestyles and this, has made it difficult for many of them to want to settle for normal guys/ men. They have made many young girls look down on their boyfriends because he’s unable to do what the sugar daddy does,” she said.

On the case of Chidinma Ojukwu who is in the police net over murder of her sugar daddy, she said, “ Only God knows what we don’t know. Nowadays, young girls can do anything for money, to belong or impress their mates.They are so desperate and just want to live the kind of lifestyles they see on Instagram. So, I think she did that intentionally, because why take his ATM card to withdraw money and also his phone, if she didn’t do it for the money.”

Peju Johnson started acting in 2016 when she returned from Egypt where she stayed for five years. Upon her return, the Ile-Ife born and bred beauty took a full plunge into acting. She has featured in many Yoruba films like Lekki Guys, Viper, Oka, Scar and many more.

Source:- Vanguard

News Staff

Posted Jul 4th, 2021


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