Nigerian lady shares her response to an aunt who’s uncomfortable with her social media post

Nigerian lady shares her response to an aunt who’s uncomfortable with her social media post

Some relatives are known to complain about almost everything the person does and report it to their parents only to get them in trouble.

There are also extended family members who genuinely care when they give these corrections. In this social media age and time a lot of young people have learned to block their parents and extended family members from their social media pages so as to avoid complaint.

A young lady identified as Ifesinachi Treasure on social media appears to be a different breed as she has decided not to block her family on social media.

It was not long before her aunt complained about her post and the young lady has now shared the response she gave her on Instagram.

Treasure said that she understand her aunt’s fears but that her post on social media does not mean she is indecent. The young lady added that she only cares about her family’s opinions and will like to be herself around them.

The caption to her post reads:

“This is why I have the best family ever. They understand and not judgmental. I can be myself around them. So when I am wrong they correct me when I want them to understand I explain. Some of the things I do now started at home. I wear bum shorts out in the streets . In secondary school I fix nails with 5 different colours each in each finger. I wore anklets as a teenager, ripped jeans crazy hairstyle.( these are things considered waywardness in Africa tho ) I did all these that typical African family will judge you for at home .

No one did as long as I don’t have to hide and do those things. They know it doesn’t mean I am wayward they are just things I love to do. Family should focus on inner person not outwardness. That’s why when someone commits a crime they be. Like no he can’t, he doesn’t look it, he is too calm she is too decent to do this or that. The nicest people you come across are covered in tattoos, the ones who smoke, the ones on dread, the girl you slu*t shame for wearing revealing dresses.”

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