Mozambican Singer Xixel Langa Releases ‘Vatekile‘ Album – The new album, ‘Vatekile‘ by artist Xixel Langa is out today!

An album conceived about five years ago that underwent a transformation during the pandemic. ‘Vatekile‘ is clearly a deeply personal offering from the Mozambican dancer and singer.

Xixel adds, “This period marked the heartbreaking loss of my dear father. It evolved into a collection of melancholic melodies. Reflecting the multitude of challenges we faced during trying times. From the scarcity of job opportunities to the heartbreaking loss of friends and family.”

Xilel Langa

The title, ‘Vatekile, carries a significant meaning. It translates to “taken” in Portuguese. Most of the songs on the album are in the Tsonga language and Shangana. It also includes a blend of Portuguese (the official language of Mozambique) and English.

Xixel explains that her album draws a parallel between the historical enslavement of her ancestors to the devastating loss of loved ones during the pandemic.

Recorded in South Africa, ‘Vatekile‘ was expertly produced by Bokani Dyer. Xixel co-produced on the album. Its creation was made possible through the support of Empresa Electricidade de Moçambique, and in 2022, ‘Vatekile‘ finally came to life.

Vatekile‘ serves as a tribute to those we have lost. A testament to the resilience of the human spirit during challenging times.

Download/Stream ‘Vatekile’ here


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