Moving on – Depression


Moving on – Depression.

Pains are necessary emotions that ought to be felt, it is an unpleasant emotional experience; that is no one likes to feel pain. Pain could be physical, psychological or psychogenic.
Depression is caused by consistent worry, not just worry but confusion. When you feel sad and lonely, too weak to think positively; too strong to cry. It is indeed a sad state and a moment of pain, some are able to heal while others just get stuck-up with no hope for a solution, making the pain sting.
To heal pain, we are more likely to withdraw from damaging situations, to protect a damaged part while it heals, and to avoid similar experience in the future. I am going to share few points on moving on from Depression; a moment of pain.

1• Letting the pain out/go: Irrespective of what could have triggered the abrupt sadness, let it go. Cry if it will make you feel better. Do not hide your pain behind a smile. Your tears doesn’t mean you’re weak, it is being true to yourself.

2• Moving with a favourable clique: This is talking to people who would help you out of depression, people you can talk to freely are the favourable clique.

3• Developing the courage to face the problem: Suicide has never been a solution neither will your demise end nor solve the problem. You kill depression, cry if you need to, talk to people when you need to. It is not called clinginess; it is you developing and building yourself.Depression is not a curse or sign of weakness. It is possible to overcome depression irrespective of the kind it might be. To wrap it up, it is important to move on from whatever might be going on and it starts with letting the pain out and talking about what you truly feel. Don’t be depression-bound; BREAK FREE!

Titi Lopemi

Posted Aug 21st, 2020


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