After being debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last year and receiving a limited theatrical release earlier this month, Eminem & Joseph Kahn’s battle-rap satire film Bodied is now available on Youtube starting today. However, you must be a Youtube premium member to watch though.

Produced by Eminem and written by former battle rapper Alex Larsen, a.k.a. Kid Twist,Bodied is a battle rap film about a naive fanboy named Adam (Calum Worthy) who drags his girlfriend Maya (Rory Uphold) to an underground rap battle to research his thesis on the use of the N-word in battle rap. Soon the polite white liberal outsider turns his poetry skills into spitting his own devastating bars on stage. Under Grymm’s (Jackie Long) tutelage, he becomes a rising star in the minority-dominated space where stereotypical jokes tread a fine line between satire and violence.

The cast includes rapper Dumbfounded, ATL’s Jackie Long, The Avenger’s Walter Perez, Charlamagne Tha God and more, including several notable battle rap stars like Dizaster, Hollow da Don, and Loaded Lux.

If you wish to watch the R-rated battle rap fan, you can do so (below), but again you must be a Youtube Premium member.