Maternity Photoshoot Of Toyin Lawani With Her Son

Pregnant celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah’s Empire, has shared au naturale maternity photos with her son, Lordmaine.

One of her captions reads:

When u hv kids & u get married, u always hv2 always reassure them they come first,they first feel threatened, they won’t like ur partner ,they will compete4 attention, they cry for no reason ,they want you to focus on only them ,why didn’t you do that dance with me instead of unc segun, mom can I take a picture with u , I don’t want uncle segun inside , mom on ur wedding can I kiss u ist, mom shebi this wedding is a joke right ,I’m ur real husband, mom who do u love most? Mom is unc segun my step father , I don’t want him , mom I hate unc segun , what did he do to you , nothing , I just think you love him more than me , mom I want to sleep with you and unc segun , what happened to your room ? Nothing , and guess what I let him win all through it all , some will say I’m spoiling him well , if that’s to let him fit in and adjust till he will love who I love , I took all the chances and today the situation is different, tenor I’m going out , are you coming , no I want to stay with unc segun , we are going to the studio , i traveled for the ist time he didn’t call me once as usual he calls me 50times a day , I called and I’m like whatsup mr tenor he said I’m busy with unc segun , I was so jealous, when I packed all my bags to leave for the airport he was sitting on the bed , he said whr are u going , I said I’m traveling, he said is unc segun going , I said no , he said ok bye �I said same unc segun you said you hate wow , because unc segun too respects himself and tells @thereallordmaine you are number one husband o , I’m not dragging your mother with you , anything you say goes �� they fight like cat and dog daily , he frowns his face like he wants to beat unc segun up , tenor what’s wrong , unc segun said I should go back outside and knock ,wait till I hear come in �it’s a good habit now for him ,it was a lot of changes for him at ist but , I didn’t push him away or make a drastic change when I let my man into my life ,we walked through the steps together & it was like unc segun do normal or else number one husband will sack you ,

This pregnancy series will help few moms on how to deal with things like this �

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Posted Aug 24th, 2021


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