Leave My Boy Alone” – Angelique Kidjo Defends Burna Boy’s ‘Arrogance’ (Video)

Leave My Boy Alone” – Angelique Kidjo Defends Burna Boy’s ‘Arrogance’ (Video)

”Leave My Boy Alone” – Singer, Angelique Kidjo Defends Burna Boy’s ”Arrogance” (Video)

Multi Grammy award-winning legendary singer, Angelique Kidjo has defended claims that Nigerian singer, Damini ”Burna Boy” Ogulu has an unapologetic attitude.

Critics and even fans have debated countless times on social media that the African Giant is too proud and arrogant as though he is the only one to make hits or win awards.

In a Zoom interview with Smooth FM, Angelique Kidjo was asked what she thought about Burna Boy’s seeming arrogance over his successes.

In response to the question, Kidjo said Burna had no need to apologize for anything. She stressed the need to be humble as a talented person, but disagreed about the need to always apologize.

The songwriter also added that if it were an African-American exhibiting such traits, they will not be criticized in the same way.

In her words;

”That’s the way to to do, because he knows what he is talking about. When you’re talented, yes, you have to have humility but that doesn’t mean you’re going to walk on yourself and apologize. For what? I’m good at what I do. You don’t like it?

Sorry! If it was an African-American person having that attitude, nobody would say anything. That’s my boy mehn! Let him do his stuff. If you don’t like it, sorry for you… You leave my boy alone!”

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Posted Jul 8th, 2021


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