Lawyers made to wait 10 hours for an interview after which the chosen job seeker was offered salary of ₦45,000

A lawyer has told of an incident where 12 lawyers with at least 5 years of experience were invited for a job interview and were made to wait for 10 hours before the interview started. In the end, the chosen lawyer was offered a salary of 45,000 Naira.

@J_Chiemeke tweeted:

“2 weeks ago, 12 lawyers, each between 5-7 years post-call experience were made to wait at a law firm on the ISLAND from 8am to 6pm. Written test, 2 rounds of oral interviews. No water, no snacks One of the guys who was picked just showed me the offer. The salary? N45,000! WTF.”

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Posted Jan 31st, 2020


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