KidsGetMoney Review: Scam Alert! It’s Not Legit

KidsGetMoney Review: Scam Alert! It’s Not Legit

Beware of scam site which is pretending to be a platform to make easy money but in reality, is a scam site due to the following reasons:-

  • You can find lots of scam sites similar to KidsGetMoney such as KidsEarnMoneyKidsPaidMoney and so on. All of these sites have the same business format, website theme, website script and so on which makes clear that these all sites are operated by the same cyber criminal. None of these kinds of have paid to anyone, neither will pay in the future because the business model of these sites is completely bogus.


  • Like other similar kinds of scam sites, also claims to pay $2 for each click that members receive on their referral link and $10 for every referral sign up for which members only need to copy paste their referral link in different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on. However, it is completely a bogus claim because anyone can get around 10 to 50 clicks on their website link by paying $2 to advertise on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. So there is no point of paying $2 for one click on the website link that we receive from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. On top of that, even it claims to pay you $25 just for sign up. In order to make you more confused, even it will show the increment in your KidsGetMoney’s earning balance. However, that money is nothing. You can’t cash-out that.


  • Once your earning balance reaches the minimum cash-out threshold and you request to cash-out your earnings, then these kinds of sites will not release your payment. If you ask them to release your payment, they will suggest you complete the surveys or download some apps and so on in order to be eligible to get the payment. But, to do those things, you must pay money from your own pocket first of all. However, even if you pay them money, then also these kinds of sites will not pay you anything, instead will just take your money. This is why these kinds of sites are online, to steal your time and money.

There are also other ways these kinds of sites make money from you by wasting your time and money about which you can find in detail within our review by clicking this link:-

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