INTERVIEW SUNDAY : Exclusive Interview With DJ Smith Beatz

INTERVIEW SUNDAY : Exclusive Interview With DJ Smith Beatz

Welcome to The first Segment of our weekly “Interview Sunday’s” hosted by Cityvibes., It features a live Q & A with some of your favorite Celebrities, Entreprenuer & Content Creator.

Today We are Interviewing Ace Dj, Producer and Beat Maker Dj Smith Beatz whom is popularly known for major hit tracks and also House of Ajebo’s Official Producer. Let’s Begin!!!


• What’s Your Full Name?

Answer :- My name is DJ SmithBeatz

• Where Are You From?

Answer :- From the Eastern part of Nigerian of course, Anambra state to be precise.

• When Did You start Djing and Production?

Answer : – I started DJing in 2007 and started producing music in 2008. I never wanted to start making beats. I only wanted to always make unique sounds so I could mix popular Acapelas in with lol. So that made me start making beats

• What Inspired You to Start Production?

Answer : – That’s what I’m saying. Being a DJ I wanted to always make unique sounds and always mix it with some other music. I was introduced to a DAW by my brother and I explored it.

• Which big project have you done so far?

Answer : – All my projects are big! Though sometimes I happen to play an important role behind the scenes. My materials are everywhere in the world. I’m behind some advert jingles you hear on your radio everyday, I’m as well behind the Cowbel Mathematics challenge jingle, I’m behind the sounds on the animations from House of Ajebo and I’m as well working on a big project in House of Ajebo and that brought the existence of “House of Ajebo Junior”

Is there an artist you want to work with that you’ve not yet had the opportunity to work with?

Answer : – Straight answer: NO! I don’t fams artists. As a matter of fact artists should fams and respect a DJ and a producer not to talk of having the 2 skill in one person. I work with anyone that blends with me and want to work with me. I can’t keep wanting to work with someone while there are other people who are available to work with.

• What can we expect from DJ SmithBeatz in 2020

Answer : – You just need to keep your fingers crossed. And expect the unexpected the only little secret I will tell you is that I will be dropping another instrumental E.P in 2020

• What do you like to do for fun outside working on music

Answer : – Skate! Yes I skate. That’s what I do for fun outside music. I’m not a movie person lol I know you were expecting me to say I see movies outside making music. Anyways what ever I do outside music you will still find music around me doing whatever it is.

• How do you deal with Challenges you get from production.

Answer : -Well I can troubleshoot very well and I always expect challenges in all angles of life. And I accept challenges as part of life I cross it when it comes, obtain the experience, learn from it and move on.

• Best Advice You have for upcoming producers?

Answer : – Keep on working. Practicing makes you better in everything you do. Invest in yourself, never trust or listen to empty promises from these artists make sure you collect your money first (very important)


That’s All For today, If you have More questions for DJ SmithBeatz or Our Next Guest Kindly drop them in the comment section. Stay Tuned Next Week!!!


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