If Nigeria Were To Join The Third World War

If Nigeria Were To Join The Third World War

In a little dark corner in our minds, we know wars are not to be joked with. The instability, unfathomable loss, and general mayhem are things we have heard about but the problem is Nigerian millennials have no memory of a war. The last one ended long before we were even conceived.

So when the United States assassinated a top Iranian personality and possibilities of a war started brewing, the internet went berserk with WWIII memes that cracked us TF up!

So we tried to imagine what would happen if Nigeria were to join the war.

First of all, we will come late to the war. You know why?

Because noone will show up to recruitment.


We will be in our houses watching TVC and making this face at the war

When the soldiers eventually drag us to register and at orientation, they tell us to die for Nigeria

We get our call up letter and see that they’ve posted us to the front lines to go and die

Who is following you?

Ikorodu Marlians waiting for military men to come and take them to any war

When Nigeria is eventually ready to go to war and we find out, this is what our tailor made for us

Camo material has finished so they just joined another material.

We reach the battleground and a fight breaks out because one Oyinbo boy refused to greet Daddy Tomiwa

Five minutes into the battle, fuel will finish inside the Nigerian tank and we will bring out Egusi to break

We can’t die

Nigerians, after running for 40 seconds

When Nigerians hear that the only way you can get out is to die. #GhostModeActivated

When they ask us to choose our weapon and then tell us juju is not allowed

So how will I dissappear oh?

Yoruba men, when they see big bumbum on the battlefield

One gunshot that someone fired 22 miles away. Nigerian men;

Honestly, all this is okoto meow meow, Nigerians will not follow you to any war

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