South African record producer, composer and DJ Heavy K has teamed up with Afro Pop sensation Ami Faku to deliver the song of the summer, ‘Andikayeki’ which is undoubtedly the perfect addition to your summer playlist. Andikayeki tells the story of an individual who has faced numerous challenges and overcome adversity in their life. It emphasizes their resilience and the moments of introspection when they recall the difficult situathey’ve been in. Despite the ups and downs, the person remains determined not to surrender.

They acknowledge that some of their hardships were a result of their own actions, but they are actively working to rectify those mistakes. Ultimately, the song conveys a strong desire for acceptance and forgiveness as the person strives to move forward.Andikayeki introduces 3 Step, a new music genre that borrows from Afro House, Amapiano and Afro Beat, making it the consummate new dance sound from streets and clubs of South Africa. The 3 Step sound is characterised by the missing 4th kick and Amapiano shakers in a measure that offers a truly African unstoppable rhythm. It is the perfect genre for clubs, braai’s, festivals, car drives and street parties. 

Heavy K, affectionately known as “The Drumboss” has perfected his craft from a very young age and has gone on to work with some of the biggest names in the game such as Black Coffee, Oskido, Professor, and Bucie to name a few. “I have been wanting to work with Ami Faku for a while, and we’ve finally come together to create something amazing. Andikayeki is a song about having the strength to overcome life’s challenges and becoming a better person because of it.”  With a voice that commands the attention of every room she sings in, Ami Faku brings a unique feel to the single. Ami Faku is renowned for her ability to deeply touch the emotions of her audience through her music, and once more, she has captivated listeners with her enchanting vocal ability.Andikayeki is now available for download on all digital service providers.  

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