DJ Zinhle Opens Up About Her Pregnancy, Says She Isn’t Having More Kids

DJ Zinhle Opens Up About Her Pregnancy, Says She Isn’t Having More Kids

Pregnant South African entertainer, DJ Zinhle who recently revealed she’s pregnant after months of speculation, has vowed never to have more kids. 

Zinhle in an interview with TshisaLIVE, said she felt the pregnancy had strengthened her relationship with her boyfriend, Bongani ‘Murdah Bongz’ Mohosana of Black Motion. 

According to her,  Bongani has been experiencing more pregnancy symptoms than she has.

She said; 

“Bongani and I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I think because of my first pregnancy I wasn’t as scared as I could’ve been. It’s a big change … I’m super excited but also super nervous. He’s very nervous about it but also super supportive and I think it made our relationship more solid.

“The one thing to note about Bongani in the pregnancy is that he’s gone through all the phases that anyone could go through in pregnancy. He had morning sickness, he’s been sleeping a lot, his back has been killing him. I experienced those things a little bit but he was the one throwing up and all of that.”

Also addressing trolls who have been dragging her on social media for having another baby without getting married first, she said; 

“It’s so boring. We are in a nation of women who are raising children alone. It’s just so boring for me that’s why I didn’t even address it because I felt that this guy (Bongani) knows what’s up.”

Zinhle also revealed that she is not looking to have any more children after she gives birth to her second baby. 

She added; 

“This is the last one. That’s for sure. It just takes so long to make a baby.  If it took a shorter period maybe I’d have another one but I think I’m done. This is it for me.”

The entertainer further disclosed that she was attending gigs until she was six months pregnant, in an attempt to keep her pregnancy a secret.

She said; 

“It was weird because I told my family super late … it was weird just because we were trying to keep it a secret for a long time and we didn’t do that just for the show, we just did that because I thought I couldn’t handle talking to people about this pregnancy and telling my family was really weird because I think I’m the baby of the family. It was different from the first time.”

Zinhle who said she’s been slowly preparing her 6-year-old daughter Kairo to assume the big sister role, added that a strong supportive system has kept her going and making sure that things flow easy for her at work.

The entertainer said; 

“I’ve got a team of people that really care about me. Zama has been taking care of me … to be quite honest. Moozlie and I have a really great friendship but this time around she just had to get in on everything. Pearl was away for most of the pregnancy but she’s been back and doing a lot also. She’s been buying nappies.

“Kairo is aware now, we had to tell her in stages and prepare her mentally by asking her whether she would share her play room and who she would share it with … Kairo is a kid … we really had to tell her last.”

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Posted Aug 31st, 2021


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