Nigerian music star Davido took to social media today to reflect and remember his late son Ifeanyi on the first anniversary of his tragic death.

Ifeanyi Adeleke, Davido’s 3-year-old son with fiancée Chioma Rowland, accidentally drowned in the family’s home swimming pool on October 31, 2022.

On the solemn one-year mark, Davido posted an emotional tribute declaring he missed his son and that he would never be forgotten.


Fans and fellow entertainers offered their condolences and supportive messages to Davido and Chioma as they cope with the painful loss.

The couple had just celebrated Ifeanyi’s birthday days before the heartbreaking incident occurred last year.

Authorities ultimately ruled the drowning an unfortunate accident with no foul play determined. But Davido and Chioma continue to feel the devastating absence of their child.

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