BigBrotherNaija2020: Dorathy tells Laycon that he is going to regret it if he stays away from Erica.

As the season 5 of big brother Nigeria show continue, a lot of activities is going on and it keeps getting more interesting. The love cycle around the house is also something to talk about as several relationship are going on among the housemate. However, laycon who seems close with Erica yesterday tells Erica that he feels uneasy anytime he sees erica with kidwaya who seems to be in an entanglement with Erica. The 26-year-old graduate of looks like he is so much in love with Erica and cannot hide it anymore, he however told Dorathy that he will stop talking to erica as he cannot handle seeing her with kiddwaya anymore, he said he knows Erica will be happy with him (laycon). Laycon who is pissed off because Erica couldn’t read her feelings for her.

however Dorathy has advised laycon not to stop talking to erica because he will end up pushing her to someone else. She said laycon should let go of whatever feelings he had for Erica and move on with their friendship because he will end up hurting himself. Dorathy said friendship is more important than relationship.

“Laycon: I told her I don’t want to talk to her for a while

Dorathy: No, don’t do that because it is risky you will still be here and you are pushing her to someone else will you be happy?

Laycon: she will be happy

Dorathy: you can control your feelings and be her friend rather than not talking her if you push her away you will regret it and you will feel it

Friendship is more value than relationship. I thought you guys were joking

Laycon: she said she is attracted to me mentally and intellectually but with kiddy it is physical. I think the way he grew up, the society, i will be with her and he will start kissing her and I will feel like what’s that

Dorathy: she said what

Laycon: reason I will stay away from them, she is moody but they will be fine.

Dorathy: just be her friend it is not always the attraction because you will get tired one day

Laycon: is that for kiddy

Dorathy: yes

Dorathy: Just be playing. You can reduce the husband and wife whatever but don’t stay away because you will hurt yourself”

Do you think laycon should fight for Erica’s love or he should let go of his feelings and continue the friendship or even move away from her?


Posted Aug 7th, 2020


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