BBNaija S6: Boma Reveals He’s Falling for Tega After Kiss

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Boma has said he might be developing feelings for fellow housemate, Tega.

Boma revealed this after the duo shared a kiss in the early hours of Tuesday.

During the workout session, Boma told Jaypaul that he feels a connection with Tega, even though she’s married.

This comes a few hours after the duo shared a long kiss during the Truth and Dare game last night.

Boma told Jaypaul that he feels safe around Tega because he’s sure that nothing will happen because she’s married.

He said, “I can look Tega in the eyes and we can just start laughing. What I’m thinking and what she’s thinking always rhymes.”

According to Boma, Tega had been studying him before they even got close as there were “next door neighbours”.

The 34-year-old actor and the mother-of-one have recently grown fond of each other as they even sleep in the same bed.

Last night kiss, however, led to fans’ suspicion that something may be going on between them.

Fans took to Twitter to react to the kiss shared by the duo.

A tweep, @iiv_lyn, said, “Boma and Tega kissed for 15 seconds , truth or dare. This doesn’t please me and my homegirls.”

@stannlee_x tweeted, “Tega really wanted to kiss Boma. She didn’t even hesitate. I feel bad for her husband.”

Referring to past married housemates, @okonjithelma said, “So you’re telling me Tega couldn’t pay for the dare and she really had no choice but to kiss Boma?

“Even Nini that just has a boyfriend pays for ridiculous dares . We have had Mike & Niyi and not once did they say or do nonsense that disrespected their spouses.”

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Posted Sep 1st, 2021


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