Liquidated Salvation

Liquidated Salvation




What does it mean to liquidate or to be liquidated?
What does it mean to liquidate our salvation?
It means making a wreck out of salvation, losing what we have been given, losing the protection we ought to enjoy due to our acts of negligence. One way or another, we’ve fallen out of Christ’s wagon.
Salvation is an act of saving someone from evil or danger [sin]. It is liberation from ignorance or illusion.
Liquidation is the winding up of a company, the selling of assets to distribute them depending on whether the business is solvent or insolvent.
Liquidated salvation is a state of losing salvation due to an act of disobedience to God’s words. Christ died for us so that we might be saved and have eternal life. We therefore do not have a debt to pay, we don’t need to struggle to live, we do not have to struggle to be perfect, because we in Christ already validates a perfect life. Believers often mistake self-righteousness with righteousness; righteousness in Christ.
To be righteous is to be blameless, holy and without blemish, so righteousness is the state of being morally correct and justifiable, and this is possible by faith in Christ while self-righteousness is a feeling of moral superiority derived from a sense that one’s beliefs, actions or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person, it is also called an holier-than-thou attitude. The moment you as a believer begin to liquidate yourself, begin to fix somethings ourselves, you try to be perfect on your own, repaying the debts Christ already paid; you’re being self-righteous. Job is an example of someone in the Bible who practiced self-righteousness [Job 32&33].
I hereby implore us to avoid liquidating our salvation. Christ died for us, we are no longer sinners nor debtors, we are not to struggle to live nor to be righteous because our faith in Christ validates a good and righteous life. I pray that God helps us to live as righteous believers.

Titi Lopemi

Posted Aug 23rd, 2020


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