5 Strange Mental Disorder Syndrome you’ve never heard of

5 Strange Mental Disorders you've never heard of

Imagine being unable to recognize your own face in the mirror? Or having an uncontrollable urge to cut your hand off? Before you ask if it’s village people, No, it is not jazz. These are the symptoms or syndrome of actual brain disorders people suffer from. Here are a few of the strangest mental conditions out there.

1. Stendhal Syndrome

5 Strange Mental Disorders you've never heard of

Imagine this, you’re walking through an art gallery and your eyes are drawn to the most beautiful work of art you have ever seen, you cannot look away, your heart is pounding, you cannot believe what you’re looking at is the work of a human being, you feel dizzy, you swear you can hear angels sing, and then you faint. These are the symptoms people with Stendhal syndrome present. Stendhal Syndrome is caused by exposure to objects or phenomena of great beauty. Yes, you read that, looking at an immensely beautiful object or even a natural phenomenon can make you faint. Symptoms of Stendhal syndrome include rapid heartbeat, fainting, confusion, panic attacks and even hallucinations. You’re probably thinking about telling your boss that you have Stendhal syndrome so you can skip work on Monday, don’t try it o, Stendhal syndrome is not listed as a recognized condition yet.

2. Body Integrity dysphoria (BID)


Now this is a strange one. People with BID also known as body integrity identity disorder have an “overwhelming desire to amputate healthy parts of the body.” The uncomplicated explanation is that a person BID may attempt to cut off their own limbs or damage the limbs so they’d have to be surgically removed. They might also express the desire to lose senses such as sight or hearing. People with this condition express discomfort with being able-bodied beginning in early adolescence. Some people with this disorder have a sense of sexual arousal connected with the desire for loss of a limb or sense.


3. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

5 Strange Mental Disorders you've never heard of

This is also known as Kleine-Levine Syndrome. Just like the fictional character this condition is named after, people with this syndrome experience periods of excessive sleep extending to up to 20 hours per day. People with this condition can sleep for days, weeks or even months. They can be woken up or may wake up on their own once in a while to eat or use the toilet. Although this disorder is very rare, manifesting in 1-5 out of every million people, 70% of the individuals affected by this disorder are adolescent males. People with this condition sometimes eat excessively, experience hallucinations and an unusual sex drive during episodes. But between episodes they are perfectly healthy. Sleeping for a week used to sound nice, but now… nah.

4. Cotard’s Syndrome

5 Strange Mental Disorders you've never heard of

This one is extremely rare with about 200 known cases worldwide. It makes sense that it is so rare because people with Cotard’s syndrome (also known as walking corpse syndrome) believe that parts of their body are missing or that they are dead, dying or don’t exist. People with this condition can die of starvation because they believe that they no longer have to eat. One of the few known cases is that of a 53-year-old woman in New York who claimed she stank like rotting fish because she was dead. These delusions can extend to the extent that sufferers begin to believe that nothing exists.

5. Prosopagnosia

5 Strange Mental Disorders you've never heard of

If you’re a fan of K-dramas you have probably heard of this condition, if you’re not, please do yourself a favor and start today. To the topic at hand. Prosopagnosia is characterized by the inability to recognize faces. A person with the condition might have problems recognizing familiar faces, telling two people apart or even telling the difference between a face and an object. Some people with this condition can’t recognize their own faces too. This condition is also called face blindness and it doesn’t affect intellectual capacity and general vision. Most people that have this condition developed it after damage to a particular region of the brain but it is possible to be born with it.

6. Mirror-touch synaesthesia

I know I said 5, but I just had to add this last one, think of it as jara. I need you to use your imagination here, you’re watching a soccer match in your neighborhood and bam! One of the players gets smacked right in the nuts by the ball. This is obviously going to be very painful for the poor boy, but you feel like you’ve been smacked in the nuts too. People with Mirror-touch synaesthesia can relate completely to that scenario. This condition is characterized by the ability to physically ‘feel’ what people around you are feeling. Some people with this condition feel this phenomenon even when objects or animals are touched. Usually people develop this disorder as they grow older but it can also begin after the amputation of a limb. So, if you ever feel like you can feel it when other people get touched, don’t worry, you’re not possessed.

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Written by Aderonke

Sheba Aderonke

Posted Sep 23rd, 2020


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