5 BBNaija stars who have remained & maintained relevance after reality show

One of the popular reality shows in Nigeria which seems to have stood the test of time is the Big Brother Nigeria show. The show has run for a number of seasons now and it has been able to keep a number of viewers glued to the TV screens just to make sure they do not miss the antics of their favourite housemates. Despite the criticism the show has garnered over the years from people who either think it is devilish or inappropriate, it has not stopped millions of young Nigerians from different parts of the country queuing during the audition process so as to join the show.

A number of people who were lucky to participate on the show have been thankful for it seeing as their exit made them realise they are well-loved by fans. Despite not winning the show, a number of people have made good use of the platform. Like every other good thing, the fame that comes with BBNaija soon fades away if the former housemates are not able to maintain their relevance after a while. It has also been noticed that once a new set enters the house, attention is taken away from the old set. Interestingly, despite all these things, some people have still been able to maintain relevance as they start their journey in the entertainment industry. Today, we will list 5 former BBNaija stars who are still relevant today.

1. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu: It is only right to start this list with someone who has been able to become an icon in the entertainment industry as well as an epitome of success after being part of a reality show. Ebuka was one of the contestants on the first edition of the show that took place in 2006.

Despite not winning or being one of the runner-ups, Ebuka is now in a very good place in the showbiz industry. Interestingly, he is also the show host for newer seasons of the show.

5 BBNaija stars who are still relevant years after reality show

2. Miracle Ikechuckwu: This is one BBNaija star who has proven that even the winners can be successful after the show. The young man stole the hearts of many and was voted to take the grand price home during the third edition of the show. After the show, Miracle, who is also known as the fly boy, went to further his studies in aviation. He has kept a relatively low profile on social media but is doing considerably well for himself.

5 BBNaija stars who are still relevant years after reality show

3. Gideon Okeke: This is one person who was also on the first edition of the show in 2006 and has been able to maintain relevance till now. Okeke is now more known for his role in Nollywood movies as well as stage plays. He is definitely good at his craft.

5 BBNaija stars who are still relevant years after reality show

4. Bisola Aiyeola: This much-loved and bubbly lady was part of the second edition of the BBNaija show and she had a lot of fans on her side. However, she did not emerge as the winner but many people have called her the winner of their set seeing as she seems to have a lot of things going on for her in the entertainment industry. Bisola is a singer as well as an actress who has starred in several blockbuster movies.

5 BBNaija stars who are still relevant years after reality show

5. Tobi Bakre: This young man is another BBNaija star whom many cannot seem to get enough of. Tobi was quite a character in the house who had a lot of people talking and now that the show has ended he has maintained his relevance. Tobi is an ambassador for many brands, a show host, a model as well as an actor.

5 BBNaija stars who are still relevant years after reality show


Posted Apr 11th, 2020


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